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Xummer Apollo
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  • Height:  6'1"
  • Age:  21
  • Measurements:  7" Cut
  • Fun Fact:  Xummer is the kinkiest guy I have ever worked with.

Xummer Apollo updates

Xummer Apollo Updates

GloryHole With Xummer
Model: App Hookup Daddy , Ben Video Length:21 min

There isn't much to do in the Florida Swamp unless you are creative like me. I decided that I needed to give Xummer an good pounding in the GloryHole.

Fuck This Little Pig
Model: Ben , Xummer Apollo Video Length:17 min

While at the ranch, I find Xummer and I know I have to teach this dirty pig a lesson by fucking him raw and creampie his ass.

Cum Dad Catches Ben and Xummer
Model: Ben , Daddy Video Length:10 min

Xummer and I were being really naughty today and we got caught. Oh well, that means more fun. Right? At least I came multiple times.

Ben Fucks Xummer on Sofa Playing Video Games
Model: Ben , Xummer Apollo Video Length:4 min

I fuck Xummer on the sofa while playing video games.

Running In The Rain With Ben, Isaac And Xummer
Model: Ben , Isaac Parker Video Length:1 min

Isaac, Xummer and I take a quick nude run in a Florida rain storm.

Xummer Apollo Plays Cosplay As A Sexy Dog
Model: Ben , Xummer Apollo Video Length:8 min

In this video Xummer Apollo plays the part of a pup or dog. After he is a bad boy and tinkles, I forced him to give me some strong punishment that we both end up enjoying. I Fuck the Pup in the sling. Enjoy!

Ben and Xummer Apollo Playing In The Pool
Model: Ben , Xummer Apollo Photos:1 Photos, Video Length:28 min

I love playing around with Xummer Apollo in the pool.

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